Established in 2015 by three friends, Kidult & Co are a British designed Clothing and lifestyle brand for little ones with attitude.

With a simple monochrome colour palette and gender-neutral designs, our clothing aims to stamp out the stereotypical clothing already available on the market, and provide an edgy alternative, whilst maintaining quality and style.

Our clothing ranges from 0–6 years, with the hope for expansion in the future. Before we go, remember we love to see your little ones in our clothing, so don’t forget to share your images with us on Instagram @kidultandco #kidultandco #jointhetribe


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No More Boys and Girls

Can our kids go gender-free? That’s the question the BBC is asking in a programme to be shown on Wednesday
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Summer Festivals for Kids

Time was when the festival was a strictly adult affair, as much a survival ordeal and rite of passage as
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International Friendship Day

Yesterday, 30th July 2017, was International Friendship Day. This is all about promoting worldwide friendship and fellowship. The United Nations
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