Established in 2015 by three friends, Kidult & Co are a British designed Clothing and lifestyle brand for little ones with attitude.

With a simple monochrome colour palette and gender-neutral designs, our clothing aims to stamp out the stereotypical clothing already available on the market, and provide an edgy alternative, whilst maintaining quality and style.

Our clothing ranges from 0–6 years, with the hope for expansion in the future. Before we go, remember we love to see your little ones in our clothing, so don’t forget to share your images with us on Instagram @kidultandco #kidultandco #jointhetribe


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Why No One is Not Allowed at Kidult and Co

Remember when Benetton were controversial for their campaigns, because they demonstrated how differences didn’t matter? Their ads were bold, they

Summer Holidays

So last week, the three of us finally took our summer break and – miracle of miracles – we’ve come
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Celebrating Ramadan and New Kids’ Clothes for Eid

To belong is a powerful feeling. Belonging helps us to form a sense of identity, and at Kidult and Co,
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