Black Friday is Here

Ok, let’s talk about Black Friday. It looks like the annual shopping bonanza is now a permanent fixture on the British calendar, so we might as well join in the fun, eh? We’re sure lots of you will be shopping for kids clothing during the sale, so we have put some black Friday shopping tips together for you.

Of course, we have our own cheeky little offer too – scroll down to the bottom for our Black Friday surprise and to read about our new competition.

What is Black Friday Anyway?

Supposedly the biggest shopping day in America, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving always falls on a Thursday, and historically, the following day has marked the start of the Christmas shopping season. Stores took advantage of this and started to offer huge discounts to lure even more customers in.

It used to be that us Brits were only aware of Black Friday when shoppers rioting over televisions and microwaves hit the news. But shopping fever has spread across the pond and the event becomes more popular in the UK each year. In 2016, total spend on online retail sites hit £1.23bn, on Black Friday!

Shopping for Kids Clothing and Toys

We know most mums are savvy enough to stock up on kids clothing during the sales (Next anyone?!), but it’s important to know when something is a genuinely good offer or just a gimmick! Here are our top tips for getting the most out of Black Friday:

  1. Follow your favourite brands on social media. Brands will often post different offers or codes on their social media profiles.
  2. Track your sought-after products. If you have your eye on a specific toy or item, then track the price for a while – just to check that so-called ‘great deal’ is actually all that great!
  3. We’re sure you know this one; if you see an absolute bargain price for an item of clothing, but they don’t have your child’s size, go a size bigger. Now is a great time to pick up next summer’s clothing.
  4. Use cashback sites to make your deals even sweeter – Top Cashback seems to be the most popular.
  5. If you plan on buying an item online, which you know may sell out quickly, prepare beforehand and make sure you have an account set up to ensure you bag your bargain.

Remember not to go too crazy as it’s almost Christmas (seriously, where has this year gone?). Most importantly, remember to stay safe when shopping online! Nothing is going to ruin your post shopping buzz than finding out your bank account has been emptied or your identity stolen! Be wary of dodgy looking websites, check reviews and question anything that seems too good to be true.

Kidult and Co Black Friday Sale

As you might have seen on our social media, we have been warming up for Black Friday with 30% off everything. Well you asked for more and who are we to deny you…

For one day only, you can now use the code: ‘BADASSBLACKFRIDAY’ for a whopping 50% off! You can’t say we aren’t generous! Enjoy the sale and don’t forget to share pictures of your purchases with us – we love to see our customers’ photos!

Christmas Giveaway

We have joined together with Venture Studios UK to bring you an exciting Christmas giveaway worth over £450!

  • Kidult & Co Prize: £150 store credit
  • Venture Studios Prize: Silver family photography experience voucher valued at £315

Head on over to our Facebook page and see the pinned post for more details.

Get in Touch

Will you be going Black Friday crazy today? Or are you more restrained with the credit card?!

We know we are certainly going to be busy over the next few weeks, preparing orders! Whatever you decide to do, don’t forget you can get in touch with us at any time if you have any questions about our gender-neutral children’s clothing range or just want to say hi!