Kidult & Co at Bubble London Trade Show

Bubble London Trade Show

A couple of weeks ago we blogged about how excited we were to be attending the Bubble London Trade Show in Islington with our gender neutral kid’s clothing. Well, it was busy, tiring, and hugely inspirational, and we can’t wait to tell you all about it.

But first: We met Aston Merrygold & JB Gill from JLS. It was awesome. Massive congrats to Aston and Sarah on the birth of the lovely Greyson. You know where we are if you need gender neutral clothes for him. 😉

The Bubble London Trade Show is the place to be if you want to buy, sell, or gawp at beautifully made, exciting clothes, accessories, and gifts for children and their long-suffering parents.

Held in the Business Design Centre in fancy-shmancy Islington, it showcases some of the very finest British kid’s designers, with stalls, exhibitions, and runway shows.

Kidult & Co at Bubble London Trade Show

The Show

After a long drive to London, powered by sweeties, we were so excited when we rolled up with our little van packed full of our trademark monochrome, unisex kid’s clothing. It took us longer than expected to find our stall and set up, but we were so happy to be surrounded by the friendly, smiling faces of our fellow designers and manufacturers. And with a bit of team spirit, we made our empty box look like a cool kid’s wardrobe to be proud of!

We knew that, whilst we were there to be all serious and sell our kid’s clothing to the trades, we also wanted to have some fun and hob nob with the stars.

We were also bursting like proud parents when our ‘Anything you can do, I can do better’ sweatshirt had its turn on the runway.

We even spotted a boy in the crowd wearing one of our customised backpacks!

Kidult & Co at Bubble London Trade Show

Checking out the Competition

We decided we wanted to check out the competition and have a nosy at who else was selling kid’s clothing. Here are our top tips for kid’s clothing brands you need in your little one’s life!

First off, we checked out Fresh Ego Kid. We were excited to see their brand expanding into clothing for fearless kids. Given that Ace, the son of our new friend, JB from JLS, was modelling for Fresh Ego Kid, we were especially interested in seeing their runway. Their understated trackies and hats really hold their own.

Next, we headed over to Selfie Clothing, which sells kids clothing with a set of fabric pens and blank images on so they can colour in their own T-shirts! We absolutely love this idea, as it lets kids express their creativity and individualism, two of the cornerstones of the Kidult & Co ethos. Can’t wait until these are sold in adult sizes!

Our head was definitely turned by Another Fox, who, like us, make gender neutral clothes, but exclusively for babies. Their romper suits and leggings really stand out from the usual crowd, with big bold prints and geometric shapes. We are desperate to find a baby we can buy the lobster romper for!

For edgy kids, we love Olivia Grae Kids. Her monochrome kid’s clothing for boys and girls is perfect for kids with attitude. We are so happy to see tie dye making a comeback in kid’s clothing.

But it wasn’t just kid’s clothing we were interested in. We loved the idea and designs of the antislip foot coverings (they aren’t quite socks, and they aren’t quite shoes) at Slip Free, and especially like the fact that, just like us, they both an adult and child range. (If you didn’t already know that, where have you been?! Check out our clothes here – all are available in adult sizes)

And whilst we were thinking about feet, we came across Bobux, who make some of the cutest, and most stylish kid’s shoes we have ever seen. What is nice about these are that they are designed with foot health of children firmly in mind and endorsed by podiatrists.

Gathering Inspiration

We take every opportunity to fire our creativity, which we, in turn, pour into our designs. And we thought that Bubble would be the perfect place to do this. We weren’t wrong!

We were thrilled to meet the lovely Becky from Wishes and Wellies. Their lifestyle blog covers food, parenting tips, travel, and fashion. They really are an inspirational voice of reason when it comes to figuring out how to bring up your kids! We also got to meet some of our Brand Enthusiasts, V & her Mama from @goingalongtogether and Dom from the Fontaine Boyz.

And speaking of inspirational, we also met the totally adorable Farouk James. This little monkey was rocking his trademark natural hair, which is sending a strong message to the world that natural is beautiful.

Kidult & Co at Bubble London Trade Show

We also listened to a really interesting panel on gender neutral clothing with Andrea Carter, who runs Another Fox, and Helen Baron, from Absolutely Mama. The subject of this panel was whether gender neutral clothing was here to stay, and if retailers should respond accordingly.

There are probably always going to be people who want to dress girls in pink and boys in blue but having a third option is surely a sensible idea. We hate the concept that either gender should be pigeonholed into a type of interest, career, or personality just because of their gender. Gender specific kid’s clothing only helps to entrench that message in kids.

That is why all our monochrome clothing is suitable for anyone, regardless of their age, gender, race, size, or whatever.

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