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Celebrating Ramadan and New Kids’ Clothes for Eid

To belong is a powerful feeling. Belonging helps us to form a sense of identity, and at Kidult and Co, we’re big on identity, on how kids, and their parents, can feel truly themselves and how we capture this sense of freedom with our kids’ monochrome clothing and bold, minimal designs.

Ramadan brings people together and fosters a strong sense of belonging, in families and communities. Fasting in Ramadan is to develop moral and spiritual character, and to help people think about themselves in the world, and the people around them. It is a time for contemplation leading to change. We understand this need to feel connected as individuals; it’s something we value and that cuts across cultures.

When Ramadan ends, it is with Eid ul Fitr, the breaking of the fast. This is a time of celebration and the wearing of new clothes, and if there’s one other thing we understand all about, it’s new clothes! Sure, we’re not traditionalists, but we know that how you celebrate can be as vital as what you celebrate. So, in the spirit of coming together, these are our clothing suggestions for your celebration.

Cool Kids Never Grow Up | Kidult and Co

Self-restraint and Generosity

The notion of a celebration based on self-restraint is, to be fair, not something many non-Muslims are used to. However, we are very much into the idea of anything that brings people together, and Ramadan has this very objective – it’s just that its means are different.

Fasting in Ramadan is there to develop a strong spirit of belonging in society, along with a sense of equality. Whereas fasting is very much an individual activity, it’s aim is to make the individual part of something much bigger – it is an interconnectedness with the wider Muslim world. Hence, from personal self-restraint arises a generosity of spirit.

We totally get it, because we also think that change starts with the individual, in such a way that it helps them feel they belong. Kidult and Co was about three of us feeling like we had a very individual take on how kids should be free to express themselves, and about us bringing those individual feelings together to make something we believed would benefit children and their families.

That feeling of wanting things to join up was also why we focused on helping the local economy, and sourcing local suppliers to help grow our little business into something significant.

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Becoming Better Human Beings

This is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and an important one for Muslims everywhere. It’s about taking a break from the day-to-day to think about yourself and your future, and to encourage patience and generosity towards others. During Ramadan, people try to give up bad habits, and we all have some of those! Struggling to master you urges is something we’re all familiar with, which is why fasting in Ramadan is such a powerful means of making you self-aware.

Hunger is a powerful urge, whether it’s for food we genuinely need to nourish our bodies, or for something more indulgent – that tempting cake to go with your morning brew. The idea of fasting is to elevate your mind above your body by denying those urges you feel. It’s putting reason first.

Again, this self-awareness, and how to get in touch with who you are, is something we also celebrate at Kidult and Co. We’re not claiming any great spiritual qualities, but our aims are similarly heartfelt – we want to improve the lives of our customers and to make them feel different inside by how they express themselves on the outside.

Ramadan is also about fostering compassion through this sharpened clarity. It’s like a moral boot camp, putting people on the road to becoming better human beings. And you can’t argue with that aim.

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Breaking the Fast

The end of Ramadan comes with Eid ul Fitr, and we understand that the message for when Eid comes is that you should beautify yourself, which for many Muslims means wearing new clothes.

Eid ul Fitr is a celebration, the Festival of the Breaking of the Fast. It’s not however, simply a sense of relief that you can tuck into a daytime meal again, but rather a way of giving thanks for the sense of spiritual strength and wellbeing coming from the whole process. It’s a kind of renewal, and a feeling of connecting with others, with family, friends and the wider community.

Why wouldn’t you want to look your best for that? This is where we come in, because we feel we have something to offer that’s unique, and totally contemporary, but also completely in spirit with the values of Ramadan and the celebratory feeling of Eid. What we offer at Kidult and Co is our own take on newness, freshness, and self-expression.

We know that some of our t-shirt designs are a bit cheeky, and they’re certainly not traditional, but they do come from a spirit of generosity and being family-centred that we’re confident you’ll recognise and appreciate.

Cool Kids Club T-Shirt | Kidult and Co

Bringing us all Together

Our unisex kid’s clothes are our own, permanent, festival of freedom and diversity. They are our celebration of the self within the family, with a strong sense of boldness and renewal.

We all know only too well that we live in troubled times, and that a sense of mutual misunderstanding and mistrust is too easy to come by. Yet Ramadan’s values are universal ones of self-respect and compassion for others, and for feeling connected with the people around you; with being a part of something bigger whist also being true to yourself.

So let’s break down the barriers, yours and ours both. Take a good look at our version of renewal and freshness and see how it fits in with yours. Kids cavorting in new clothes that express their personalities is surely something everyone can enjoy, regardless of faith or cultural background?

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