Clothes That Grow With Your Kids? Why Didn’t We Think Of That?!

Sustainable fashion is an idea we definitely subscribe to here at Kidult and Co. In our opinion, far too much clothing goes to waste these days and none more so than children’s clothing. But what can be done to help reduce waste, keep all that clothing out of landfill and convince people to keep clothes for longer, especially when kids grow out of their clothes so blinking quickly? Well, it turns out the answer is actually quite logical.

Here at Kidult and Co, we design and sell kids clothing that breaks the mould ourselves, which is why we’re always very interested and excited when we see others doing the same thing. So just imagine how excited we got when we read an article last month about a young designer who isn’t just breaking the mould, but futureproofing kids clothing in a way that is utterly genius.

Enter Ryan Yasin

Ryan Yasin stated in this Telegraph article that he became disheartened about how fashion operates, and the unethical aspects of it both on a human level and on a sustainability level.

The 24 year old Londoner, noted that the industry is deliberately wasteful and that we, the consumers, are ‘desensitised’ to the value of clothing, thanks to the abundant availability of cheap clothing.

And nowhere is clothing being more obviously wasted than in the realm of children’s clothing. Every day we literally discard tons of the stuff, and if you’ve got kids you’ll know why. It’s not deliberate of course, but purely because of the phenomenal and ridiculous rate at which kids grow! It literally never ends.

Hence, it was these thoughts that inspired this British designer to create a range of kids clothes that will, quite literally, grow with your children. Yep, it’s brilliant.


Clothing That Grows With Your Kids

And this is not just clothing for the laboratory. This stylish (we think!) collection features outerwear pieces, made from a lightweight pleated fabric that is waterproof, machine washable and recyclable – music to any parents ears already.

But what makes this range really unique is the fact that the clothing can expand up to seven sizes. To put that into context, that’s the number of sizes most children will grow in their first two years of life. That’s a lot of clothes.

Yasin created the range that would come to be known as Petit Pli, after buying clothes for his nephew that no longer fit by the time they turned up. He used his design background to create a fabric that features permanent folds, enabling the garments to “unpack” when pulled, so that they will fit the child.

The first prototype was created at home and Yasin used his niece and nephew to try out the range (don’t we all?!). His sister approved when she saw how the same pair of trousers fit both the new-born and the two-and-a-half-year-old.

Following more research and user testing, Yasin decided to pursue the idea as a business and, since then, the clothing has received a lot of press attention and positive feedback from parents. As expected, there was some scepticism, but an award win soon convinced Yasin that he was investing his time in the right project.

The James Dyson UK Award

The James Dyson awards were devised to recognise the most innovative, problem solving inventions by students. The Petit Pli range was selected from over 2,000 entries to be named the 2017 winner of the James Dyson Award (UK Edition) Award. Yasin received prize money to put back into the project and the chance to compete in the international awards.

Our Thoughts

We think that Kidult and Co definitely has a couple of parallels with Petit Pli. Firstly, we admire the simplicity in the look of the clothing. We make gender neutral kids clothing ourselves, so we appreciate the neutral colour palette of the range. Very similar to our own!

Secondly, Petit Pli clothes promote freedom of movement in children. We are also fans of loose fitting, simple clothing that allows kids to move around freely and have fun!

The sustainability aspect is what the range is all about though. Clothing is wasted in huge amounts and has become so disposable. It’s something we feel quite strongly about here and its why we ourselves create timeless, unisex designs for our own range.

Our clothing can be passed between children once it’s outgrown, no matter what gender they are. This is something we would encourage all of our customers to do, because, if you’ve paid for an item, you might as well get the most out of it.

However, the most striking benefit of the range is how much money it could potentially save you, the parents. Babies and children grow so incredibly quickly and it can become very expensive trying to keep them clothed. Imagine having a set of clothes that fit your child, a boy or girl, from birth until they were a toddler! How much would that revolutionise your life?

We would love to know what you think of clothing that grows with your child; we love the idea, but do you think it’s brilliant or weird?

Who knows, maybe one day in the future, Kidult will be creating something similar?!

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