Friday Feature with our Brand Enthusiast @_lifewithmyboys

1. What do you love about Kidult & Co?

Well we pretty much love everything about Kidult & Co. My boys have worn Kidult & Co since we began shopping small and were one of the first small shops that caught my eye. The gender neutral clothing and the meaning behind each design are two of the things that stood out to me. I always think I have found my favourite then with each new range the girls surprise me again and again!

Having both a 9 year old and 3 year old and wanting to shop small as much as I can it’s sometimes hard to find a brand that can cater for both ages. Kidult does just that and to be able to personalise each one with the amazing colour combinations is an added bonus…plus mummy and daddy can look equally awesome in their adults range 🙌

2. Whats your favourite item from Kidult & Co and why?

Do I really have to answer?

I’m pretty sure if you follow me on Instagram you will know nearly every design hangs in at least one of my boys wardrobes. There are far too many designs I love to have choose just one favourite so I decided to ask my eldest son Alfie age 9.

“My favourite is my sticks and stones tee because even when people are unkind names don’t matter. Everyone should be kind to everybody”.

I have been blown away with all the ranges that have been released so far and i am beyond excited to see what’s in store for the future!

Use code ‘LIFEWITHMYBOYS’ for 40% off our ‘Sticks & Stones‘ T-Shirt. 

3. What other brands can we see in your pictures and tell us a little about them and why you love them?

We are huge lovers of shopping small and 99% of our wardrobe is bought from small shops. I have far too many favourite small shops I feel need a mention because in all honestly they all do a pretty amazing job of making our kiddies look pretty awesome.

Jellyfish & Penguin – For the most beautiful pom hats and snoods to keep our littles warm in our lovely English weather. A big shout out to Lyndsey who works her magic behind the scenes to produce the best poms around!

If you like Tie Dye Harry & Dax is the place to shop. I have loved the Tie Dye from Harry & Dax for my youngest for such a long time so imagine my excitement when they started taking orders for bigger sizes….big kids rock tie too 👌  Thankyou to Casey for always coming up with the most amazing colour combos and pretty much making our kidult&co outfits complete!

Purl & Me is another one of our absolute favourite small shops. The lovely ladies behind the scenes work tirelessly to get our orders shipped and posted to us. The customer service is amazing and these two lovely ladies are both pretty awesome. Always made with love and to 100% perfection so a big shout out to Kirsty and Jenna for everything you do.

2 Little Legs of course is another shop that needs a shout out. If you love exclusive designs then this is the shop for you. A full range of clothing from leggings and harems to jackets, sweaters and tees. Amazing quality and designs you won’t find anywhere else and so many of them match Kidult & Co perfectly! Thanks Rachel.

Why do you chose to shop small?

Well who wouldn’t want to make another person do a happy dance 😉

We are huge lovers of shopping small and if I can help another person fullfill their dream Its my pleasure. So many small shops struggle to get their business out there so even if your not in the position to buy just a like or comment I’m sure would make their day!

Thankyou Kidult & Co for the amazing clothes, customer service and of course having us as part of your team for such a long time.

Never change!

Instagram: @_lifewithmyboys

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