Friday Feature with our Brand Enthusiast @catrinmaro

1. Why do you love Kidult & Co?

Kidult & Co wasn’t the first shop we bought from when we started shopping small but once we received our first delivery I knew it would be our go-to for Gwen’s clothes. The designs are just awesome and we love that it’s not separated by gender, their clothes are for anyone and everyone. What’s not to love?

2. What is your favourite item from Kidult & Co and why?

This is a tough one but it’s got to be the lollipop! It’s such a simple design but it’s definitely a favourite in our house. When Gwen picks her own clothes I can guarantee she’ll choose to wear her lollipop jumper, and who can blame her?

3. What other brands can we see in your pictures and tell us a little about them and why you love them?

@sew_darn_cute we only have a couple of pieces from sew darn cute but the quality is amazing and the designs are so original. We plan to buy a lot of their pieces once they reopen and stock up for summer. Don’t tell my husband, though.

4. Why do you like to shop small?

Everyone has a dream and we should celebrate those who get to achieve theirs. When I buy from small brands, I know I’m supporting a family instead and there’s no feeling like it.

The designs are so original and we often get complimented on a piece of Gwen’s clothes with other parents wanting to know where we bought it from so, we always shop small when we can. We love being a part of Kidult & Co and just want to say, keep being you!

Instagram: @catrinmaro

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