Friday Feature with our Brand Enthusiast @crazycatladycass

1. Why do you love Kidult & Co?

I love everything about Kidult and Co. They were one of the first shops that I came across on Instagram. The designs are so unique & I love that they are unisex with such positive messages. They’re so easy to wear & go with everything which makes it much easier dressing a fussy 4 year old who has very strong opinions on what he should wear! Luckily I can mix & match the designs which makes my life so much simpler.

2. What is your favourite item from Kidult & Co and why?

That’s such a hard question because there are so many. If I had to choose, then I would go with the Wild Child & Heartbreaker tees. They’re both older designs but such classics & both of them really apply to my Ellis. They’re the designs that made me fall in love with Kidult and Co.

3. What other brands can we see in your pictures and tell us a little about them and why you love them?

Leggings from Nono and Ezy. We’ve been shopping from Nono and Ezy since we began Instagram shopping & they will always be one of our faves. I love the fit of their leggings on Ellis. These lions are one of our faves as they brighten any day & compliment so much of Ellis’ wardrobe. I also find that Nono and Ezy’s clothes last really well, which always makes me happy as we can get lots of wear out of them.

Shorts from Little Pickles Design. I know that you can only just see them in this picture but trust me the detail on this & all of their fabrics is just stunning. They’re all hand painted designs that are printed locally onto the softest fabric. Ellis loves that so many of the designs are animal themed too.

3. Why do you love to shop small?

I started shopping small because I found that high street stores just didn’t fit Ellis. He’s very slim but still tall & clothes would just fall off him, so I was very grateful that independent shops would handmake items to fit him. Now it’s become a bit of an addiction for me! I love that Ellis stands out & always gets complimented on his outfits. I find the high street clothes for boys can be quite boring, whereas with small shops like Kidult and Co, he can wear unique outfits that look cool & that he feels confident in. The customer service is outstanding & the clothes last so much longer. It’s also lovely getting to know the people that actually make the clothes & quite often I feel like I’m buying from friends.

Instagram: @crazycatladycass

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