Friday Feature with our Brand Enthusiast @poppetandpumpkin

1. Why do you love Kidult & Co?

I’ve been buying from Kidult and Co since Phoebe was still crawling and I love how the brand has grown. I love that their clothes are unisex and can be personalised to suit individual colours and choices. Kidult and Co have powerful messages on their clothing which boosts confidence to those that wear them such as my 7 year old. The range of clothing is so versatile in that they go from baby to adult, meaning we can all wear such an amazing brand of clothing.

2. What is your favourite item from Kidult & Co and why?

This is a hard one but I’d have to say Heart on my Sleeve or Born to Stand Out. Both slogans have such a powerful message, they say “this is me and I’m happy with who I am”, that’s why I love them.

3. What other brands can we see in your pictures and tell us a little about them and why you love them?

Phoebe is wearing @rainbowanddinosaur leggings and a @mitzilovesdottie bow. Rainbow and dinosaur were the first brand on Instagram that we started buying from. Becky is one of the loveliest people and is a perfectionist in her clothing. You always will get 100% quality from her clothes.

Phoebe’s bow is made of recycled fabric which makes it different to most other shops. I love how they look vintage and aren’t stiff bows as Phoebe isn’t a neat girl so they go perfectly for her

4. Why do you love to shop small?

Prior to having my children I was always very crafty and would sell some of my items and when I did it gave me the happy dance feeling. I love that I can give other people the feeling when I buy from them. I love that small shops think outside the box and make unique clothes, so much so that I don’t buy from high street hardly anymore, the children’s wardrobes are 80% small shop clothes.

Instagram: @poppetandpumpkin

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