Friday Feature with our Brand Enthusiast @syaj

1. Why do you love Kidult & Co?

Because we can create our own shirts, sweaters and hoodies, by choosing our own favourite colours. And with K&C it’s easy to go twinning as a mom, with a son. Love the shirts for adults too, got quite a collection for the both of us. The designs look like they’re all made for Milo, seriously in love with them! And most of all, the quality of the gear, so great!

2. What is your favourite item from Kidult & Co and why?

I almost can’t choose, but the zipped hoodie is one of our favourites. Perfect for a lovely spring day, or late summer. And the “ Be Infinitely You” design..cause I love the message of that one.

3. What other brands can we see in your pictures and tell us a little about them and why you love them?

Lots of @elafela a small shop from Sweden. Besides Kidult, that’s another favourite shop of mine. Love the harems, and “grandpa” sweaters, almost every pants Milo wears, is from @elafela. Good quality, and one of a kind designs and the fit is perfect for Milo. Further some @Zara, @HM, and clothes from Dutch Instagram shops like @littlebanditz, @babyinstijl, @dimplesndcheeks and

4. Why do you like to shop small? 

Because the clothes are more unique, the quality is so much better, the fitting is perfect for Milo or adjustable and the costumer service is better. I also love to help other (mostly) women to fulfil their dream. We are often asked where Milo’s clothes are from, so by wearing them or tagging the shops in our pictures, we can help them even more.

Instagram: @syaj

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