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Go Gender Neutral This Christmas

Eeeek, the Christmas countdown really has begun. We’re just about recovering from our huge Black Friday sale, taking a breather after Cyber Monday and rushing out to buy an advent calendar (never too old!). So now that we’re in Christmas shopping mode, it got us thinking about gifts for the little ones this year….

And as you would expect from Kidult and Co, we’re bucking the usual trends, ditching the pink, and are on the hunt for some real gender neutral goodies. And naturally, we think you should be too!

ersonalised Kidult & Co Backpack | Kidult and Co

Buying Gender Neutral Kids Clothing This Christmas

Contrary to popular opinion – if you’ve been reading the news lately – buying gender neutral clothing doesn’t actually erase your child’s character – quite the opposite in fact, because it actually gives your little ones the freedom to express their natural interests and personalities. So, if you’re looking for the perfect gift for your kids this Christmas – whatever their gender – don’t go with the usual stereotypes and choose pink for girls and blue for boys. Instead, go with your gut, because you know them best – so go for a slogan, colour or style that best expresses who they are, not who society says they should be.

Having to buy from the ‘right’ (or wrong!) department can be frustrating for both parents and kids, which is why we are really happy to see the leaps that some retailers are taking now when it comes to clothing for all. With more shops than ever stocking gender neutral clothing, shopping for your little darlings should be easy this Christmas.

Even big-name stores like John Lewis launched their own unisex range earlier this year, plus they did away with gender labels. We think this is brilliant news, and are hoping that this filters down to some more affordable retailers in 2018 – particularly as the supermarket clothing brands are still looking shockingly stereotypical!

And of course, if you can’t find what you are looking for on the high street, we can recommend a super cool, little independent retailer we know of….us! Any of the items from our range of unisex kids clothing would make great gifts for your kids but, if you are feeling extra festive, we have an awesome Christmas collection too, perfect for the cold winter days and beyond.

Gender Neutral Toys For Christmas

We are with toy campaigners Let Toys be Toys, when they say ‘children should be free to decide for themselves what to play with and how to play’.

Shopping for toys can be a nightmare when you have kids that aren’t into stereotypical gendered toys. Why are most dolls pink?! Boys like dolls too. And girls like dinosaurs. And surely Lego is just Lego; how can you have boy Lego and girl Lego?!

Luckily, lots of shops are actually now dropping the boy and girl labels, especially online. If you’ve had a sneaky peak at Toys R Us lately, you will have seen that they now categorise their toys by interest, rather than gender. And it would seem that lots of other retailers have followed suit, including Marks & Spencer and Boots.

One stand out store in particular, which we believe have done really well this year for gender neutral toys, is Asda! This wooden kitchen is one of our favourite gender neutral Christmas toys this year. Well done Asda, both for not making it pink, and also for featuring an image showing both a boy and a girl enjoying the toy. After all, why shouldn’t little boys be encouraged to learn how to cook and play house, without being made to feel like they’re doing something girly?!

All this is progress in the right direction – and brilliant to see – but there are still an overwhelming amount of toys that are packaged, labelled and designed with stereotypes in mind. So there’s more work to do in 2018, and you can bet that Kidult and Co will be on the case and fighting the good fight in the coming year.

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Kidult and Co

As you know, we at Kidult and Co make clothing for all kids. Really awesome clothing that’s suitable for both boys and girls, whatever they’re into.

And our gender neutral clothing makes the perfect Christmas presents too, whether you’re buying for your own kids or someone else’s.

So, keep your eyes peeled for our gender neutral Christmas gift guide that will be featured in one of our next blogs. And if you want to hear more about what’s going on in the world of gender-bias and gender-neutral clothes in the meantime, then follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Try it, you won’t be disappointed.