Images from Kidult & Co. illustrating a blog announcing the launch of their new child’s unisex clothing range, Rebelution.

Introducing our Rebelution Range

At Kidult & Co. you probably know that we’re always working on new things. Once something’s done you can be pretty certain we all sit down in our new office with a cup of coffee in hand and ask ‘what’s next?’. We won’t be happy until we’ve done everything – and even then we’ll want to do more!

Our latest project in the making has been our Rebelution Collection, which we’re so, so happy to say has finally launched! It’s taken everything we have and been a lot of hard work, but we wouldn’t have spent a minute of the work doing anything else. We love what we do, so even hard work is still fun!

Now, we know that you’re itching to hear more, so without us waffling on for any longer here’s everything you need to know about the new Rebelution Collection exclusive to Kidult & Co.

Why We Created It

We felt that this year we’ve really come into our own as a brand. We’re firm in our values (we always have been) but we’ve also started to craft an identity beyond that and we know what we’re doing and where we’re going now. We also know what you guys – our awesome customers – want from us. So, as we head towards the end of 2017, we thought we needed to bring out our most epic collection yet.

Question Everything Sweatshirt | Kidult and Co | Rebelution

Behind the Name

The Rebelution Collection is, if you hadn’t noticed, a play on the words ‘Rebel’ and ‘Revolution’; two words that we think sum up our brand and our customers pretty nicely. We wanted this range to really emphasise the fact that we never stick to the norms that society want us to follow and we’re not afraid to speak up for what we believe in. We’re a fierce bunch and we want the world to know it! We know you guys are just the same, so we think you’re going to love this range just as much as we do.

Who’s It For?

The clothes and accessories we put together for this collection are available mainly in kid’s sizes, though there are a lot of adult sizes available too, so be sure to check if you like something! We don’t make clothing with any gender or age in mind – that’s way too restricting for our rebellious bunch of followers – so anyone can shop with us. We don’t think anyone should be told not to wear something if they like it, so we don’t!

The range is funky, fun and totally ferocious. In our notable Kidult & Co. monochrome design, everyone will know you and your little ones are wearing our gear – and they’ll know exactly what you stand for, too! Let the world know you don’t conform and be proud of who you are.

Our Rebelution collection is for awesome kids with big personalities. Whether you have a little girl or boy, as long as they’re super cool they’ll love our jumpers, tops and bags!

No Fear T-Shirt | Kidult & Co | Rebelution

The Range

We’re not going to go through every single item or we’d be here all day, so be sure to check out the full range to find your favourite Rebelution items. But, to give you a little taster, here’s what’s in store for you and your kids this Autumn/Winter.

One of our ultimate favourites is our Kids of The Revolution super-soft jumper with a unique design of a hand holding a lollipop. It sums up the collection, really! It’s fun but fierce, just like kids should be. We also love our Thunder in our Hearts long and short sleeved t-shirt, perfect for kids who are kicking up a storm and ready to take on the world, and our Whatever t-shirt for kids with attitude. The range also features a cool personalised backpack for your mini explorer and a beanie to keep everyone warm as the days get colder.

Who Shot the Shoot?

If you head over to the Rebelution page you’ll notice that all of the shots of our clothes are pretty rad and really capture the identity of our brand. We had two awesome brand enthusiast photographers helping us with this, Lauren Horrocks and Lizzie Ali, who you can go and find on Instagram @Max_and_Hallie and @lizzie_ali, and one of our international brand rep’s, Vendredi Phan, who you can find @stylin.alle.

The photography we get from this bunch has always been consistent and exactly what we want – you can see how good they are from the snaps on our site and Instagram! We love how they show our clothes just as we want them to be fun – fun and carefree, with no restrictions or constraints.

Heart On My Sleeve Sweatshirt | Kidult & Co | Rebelution

Get in Touch

If you agree with what we say – or you just love our awesome gender-neutral kid’s clothing – then check out our full range of products. If you want to hear more about what’s going on in the world of gender-bias and gender-neutral clothes, then follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Or you can fill out our contact form on the website, drop us a line at, or give us a bell on 07572 022589.