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It’s Kidult and Co’s 2nd Birthday!

For a lot of you guys, Thursday 21st September 2017 was probably a very normal day – in fact, the best thing about it was probably that it was Friday the day after. But, over here at Kidult and Co, it was a very, very exciting day. It was our second birthday! Kidult and Co has now been selling gender-neutral kids clothes for two whole years! Trust us, the time has absolutely flown by.

We’ve had some of the best times of our lives since beginning Kidult and Co. It’s been more than we could’ve ever hoped for and just absolutely awesome! So, in celebration of this special day, we’ve put together a (belated) birthday blog to tell you all about our best bits. Enjoy!

Lots of Magazine Features

Every time we’re featured in a magazine we get the same buzz of excitement. We’ve been seen in a whole load of shiny mags, including Yummy Mummy and Conde Nast Traveller.

A highlight was being put in Vogue 100, the special edition to celebrate 100 years of their prestigious magazine – I mean, we’ve been in Vogue! Does it get better than that? We even had a little write up about the brand in there which was unbelievably cool. We’ve actually been spotted in Vogue on multiple occasions (not to brag or anything) including in this May 2016 issue.

Kidult & Co In Vogue 100

Awards, Awards, Awards

We were incredibly honoured and overwhelmingly happy to win our first award last year at the Rossendale Business Awards in the ‘Creative Business’ category! To be noticed as doing something different and acknowledged as a successful brand makes all those late nights, early mornings and stressful meetings worth it.

If you didn’t see our last blog, then you might have missed that we’ve actually been nominated again this year! So, we’ll be heading back for another night of fun, and hopefully we’ll get a chance to catch up with some of the incredible business owners we met last year.

We’re hugely passionate about our purpose at Kidult and Co. We want to bring gender-neutral clothing into the mainstream and rid society of silly ‘pink and blue’ gender stereotypes, so when we get noticed and our cause is celebrated, it’s an unbeatable feeling. This is exactly what these awards mean to us.

Kidult & Co Winners of the Creative Category 2016

Fun at the Kids Fashion Runway

Getting the chance to let our Kidult & Co kids take centre stage at the London Fashion Week Kids Fashion Runway early this year was a big highlight! We were one of 19 kids fashion designers who got to show off their gear and show-off we did. Our little models had a great time rocking our gender-neutral clothes and we had a great time watching them from backstage!

We loved meeting all the other talented designers who were there with us, getting to know their brands and values. There was just so much talent everywhere – a talent-fest! We’re pretty sure it’s not the last runway we’ll ever do, even if we have to host a show ourselves.

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Action for Children Campaign

Way back in March this year (if you can think back that far) you might remember our Action for Children campaign. If not, don’t worry! You can either check out our post that was written all about it at the time, or we’ll quickly explain here.

So, we began a campaign with a specially designed t-shirt to raise money for Action for Children. £2 from every tee sold when straight to the Action for Children fund, which is a charity after our brands heart. We’re really invested in what they do and wanted to show our support.

Being able to use our brand for the benefit of others was a massive deal to us. When we began, we knew we’d love to get to that stage when we could start doing charity campaigns, but none of us expected to get there so soon!

We’d like to thank everyone who bought a t-shirt and showed their support for the campaign, it meant a lot to us and to the children you were helping. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Moving to a New Home

Again, we mentioned this in our last blog, but if you didn’t read it then we’ll fill you in anyway. We recently moved into a full-time office in Haslingden which is now the official HQ of Kidult & Co and our home for the next few years. We love it!

We’re now based at the Prinny Mill Business Centre, and we’ve been settling in nicely. Our two twins, Melissa and Laura, have also just started working for the brand full-time (hooray and congratulations and all that jazz – well done ladies!) so it’s nice that they can spend every day in a decent office.

To have a real business space is a sign of how much we’ve developed in the last two years. From something that was very small and that we did on the side of our day jobs to being full time and having a full-on adult office is awesome! Our orders are also constantly increasing, with hundreds coming in every week, and we’re always getting new customers. We couldn’t be happier with where the business is at the moment.

Get In Touch

If you want to get involved in the Kidult & Co gender-neutral journey then check out our full range of kids clothing. If you have any questions you’re dying to ask, then contact our team – we should be pretty quick at replying now we’re full time!