Kidult & Friends Feature with @amie.writes

1. Tell us about your brand/business

Amie Writes is a brand that likes to project positivity and good vibes whilst bringing a bit of colour and attitude into your home.

2. Tell us about you/who is behind the brand?

I am a Graphic Designer based in Hitchin, working in London and originally from a town where Tinie Tempah has never been – Scunthorpe.

When I’m not going crazy with my Apple pencil and iPad designing typographic prints, I design even crazier packaging which has been stocked by Selfridges, John Lewis, Harvey Nichols, Oliver Bonas and Scribbler. A few products so you can get an idea: Mermaid Tears Vodka, Black Like My Soul Marshmallows, Back to RealiTEA… You get the picture.

I also love dogs, drawing, catching up with friends, love a bit of Netflix… Did I say I love dogs?

3. What is your brands ethos?

Amie Writes is my way of being able to reach out to those who need a pick me up, a little shot of positivity and colour. The end goal, for me, is to put smiles on peoples faces whilst doing something I love. I always strive to be bold with any statement (serious or not so serious) and I hope my colour choices project happiness and general sense of well being. Drab just does not do it for me.

4. What is your most popular piece/your favourite piece?

I would have to say ‘Kind people are my kinda people’. It’s a blunt statement but just so true. Especially when you commute into London every day. Eeeek!

5. Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years time?

Obviously expansion is a big part of my 5 year plan but at the same time not losing my voice or passion along the way will be my main focus. It’s important for me to stay true to myself and stand behind my designs as once that passion dies so does the brand. I hope in 5 years time Amie Writes will still bring playfulness into peoples homes.

6. Are there any other brands that inspire you?

I’m mainly inspired by finding quotes from random conversations, films, or just positive sayings that I see in every day life.

I do like the clothing brand Lazy Oaf. I love how much personality they inject and that they don’t take themselves too seriously.


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