Kidult & Friends Feature with @brambleandgrace

1. Tell us about your brand/business

Bramble & Grace is a home decor brand specialising in chunky knit items. We use traditional as well as vegan friendly options in our production so there is something for everyone.

2. Tell us about you/who is behind the brand?

I’m Sarah – the needles behind the brand. I have a 10 month old daughter, Thalia, and a chihuahua called Rocky. They both find my incessant knitting boring, hate wearing the things I knit for them, and do everything in their power to distract me!

3. What is your brands ethos?

Ethical and for everyone! We are very careful where we source the materials for our products. We cannot condone some of the practises in the wool/leather industry so actively work to source products that are cruelty free.

We want options in our range to be accessible to everyone – regardless of budget. We do sell luxury home decor items, but always try to offer alternatives at different price points to cater to everyone.

Above everything Bramble & Grace is about the personal touch. It’s about talking to a real person about your ideas and desires. It’s about being able to create something totally unique to you, that is handmade for you in the UK.

4. What is your most popular piece/your favourite piece?

Baby merino blankets are definitely our most popular item – and Ballet is our most popular colour. Keep your eyes peeled for new items coming soon though, which we are really excited about!

5. Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years time?

In 5 years I would love to see Bramble & Grace as a powerhouse in the home decor industry. I still absolutely want the personal touch, and will still be central to the brand – but I would love to have our items handmade by more artisans in the UK. I’d love to diversify into more materials and options and really deliver the ‘go-to’ shop for your home decor needs!

6. Are there any other brands that inspire you?

Too many to name! I’m genuinely just inspired by brands that have a vision for their products and bring something unique to the market.


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