Kidult & Friends Feature with @heykiddostudio

1. Tell us about your brand/business

heykiddostudio is a Scandinavian inspired small business creating wall mounted, wool adorned, wire word art.

2. Tell us about you/who is behind the brand?

I’m Marti. I was born in Italy, I grew up in Scotland, and I now live in Cornwall with my partner and my baby boy Leo. The best thing I ever did was become a mama – I’ve always been creative and liked to seek new ventures but this little bambino gave me instant purpose and made me get serious about running a small business.

3. What is your brands ethos?

Heykiddostudio signs are designed to inject love, whimsy, creativity & magic into your kiddo’s room ‘because every child deserves to feel adored’. The brand represents the magic of childhood and helps parents to create a loving space for their little ones. When anyone buys from heykiddostudio I want them to feel at home, I have a VIP mailing list and I intend to spoil everyone on this list with first chances to buy, secret giveaways and secret discounts.

I also want to keep all of my packaging plastic free and reduce as much waste as possible – I will be buying my packaging from a small UK company that only uses recycled or eco friendly packaging. I’m so excited that this is something that most small businesses have started to implement.

4. What is your most popular piece/your favourite piece?

My favourite piece is ‘love you’ and has a little heart with it too. I feel like it’s going to be a classic and I just love how it turned out. I get most of my inspiration from neon signs and I like to see heykiddostudio signs as neon signs with a more homely touch… this one came out exactly as I’d imagined it.

5. Where would you like to see your brand in 5 years time?

Honestly, if I can create a better life for my little one then I will be totally happy. I’m not looking to build a giant empire, but I do hope that in 5 years time heykiddostudio signs are well loved and used to bring joy and love to people’s homes.

6. Are there any other brands that inspire you?

Kidult & Co – of course!

I also love @ohlittlebing – a small brand run by a mama, she makes the loveliest embroidered designs and @_familyhood_ another mama who runs an ethical clothing brand with beautiful modern designs. Both on Instagram.


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Love from,

Marti. xx