Mother’s Day

So, in case you’ve been living in a cave for the last couple of weeks, you should all know by now that this coming Sunday is Mother’s Day; the favourite day in every Mum’s calendar, when Mums everywhere get to put their feet up and spend the day being pampered and spoiled by their eternally grateful brood of offspring! Yes, we know Mums up and down the country are now rolling on the floor with laughter…but, if you’re lucky, you might get a bunch of flowers and a brew in bed, eh?! If you’re lucky.

But we here at Kidult and Co don’t think this lackadaisical approach is good enough, which is why we’re here to give your (possibly) ungrateful and (sometimes) lazy lot a great big kick up the bum, to remind them that Mother’s Day matters and that, far from being a giant salute to consumerism, it’s actually a day when you should absolutely spoil your Mum rotten, and tell her just what a good job she’s doing.

The Origins of Mother’s Day?

Despite what you may hear on the grapevine, Mother’s Day is not actually a fake celebration made up by the card companies to make money. Well, not entirely anyway!

In fact, Mother’s Day originally began as a religious festival celebrated in the Church of England, which is why the date moves each year in the UK. In America and Europe, Mother’s Day has a fixed date and is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, but in the UK Mothering Sunday (as it used to be known) is based on the same lunar calendar that’s used to work out when Easter will be, so is held on the fourth Sunday of Lent, three weeks before Easter Sunday.

Traditionally, Mothering Sunday was the one day of the year when people who no longer lived at home, usually due to working away as servants, would visit their ‘mother’ church for a Sunday service. Girls in particular, coming home, would bring little posies of flowers to decorate the church, and sweet treats as a returning gift for their families and friends, which would often provide a welcome break from the fasting of Lent.

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The Modern Version of Mother’s Day

Over time, the traditions of Mothering Sunday evolved and became set, with servants being given the day off annually to visit their families and take gifts home for their mothers. But, as fewer and fewer people went into service or left their home town to find work towards the end of the Victorian period, the custom slowly went out of fashion.

You’d think that would be the end of the story, but in the early twentieth century, a campaign was started by an American woman, Anna Jarvis, who worked to bring back the custom of Mother’s Day, but as a day for children to celebrate and thank their mothers, rather than as a day to visit your ‘mother’ church. After much campaigning, and after taking her cause halfway around the world, Jarvis succeeded in her mission and, by the early 1950s, the holiday was firmly back on the annual calendar.

And despite the increased commercialisation of the holiday in recent decades, Anna Jarvis remained adamant her whole life that Mother’s Day should not be hijacked by those simply wishing to make money. She spent many of her later years campaigning against the trend for buying shop-bought cards and gifts and was even arrested for protesting a couple of times, always arguing instead that people should give their Mums hand-written sentiments and homemade gifts to express their thanks. That’s dedication to the cause!

The Unsung Heroine of Mother’s Day

Now, we don’t know if you read our blog on International Women’s Day the other week, but in that we spoke about the importance of women standing up for the things they believe in and fighting for what they believe is right, something that we three have been putting into practice with Kidult and Co for the last 18 months. That’s why we’ve got a lot of respect for Anna Jarvis, the unsung heroine of the Mother’s Day story.

She fought her entire life to bring back a festival that she believed in, and when she succeeded she carried on fighting to make sure it remained true to the values that she had originally wanted for it. Anna Jarvis didn’t want an over-commercialised, capitalist festival, where all that mattered was that you bought your Mum a cheap card and then forgot about it; she wanted children everywhere to take the time to make their Mum something special and meaningful, to actually spend time with their Mums, to treat them in a way that would show actual appreciation and love and thanks, not just show that you can buy a crappy bunch of flowers from the local garage. And we’re with her on that one.

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Big Thanks To All The Mums

And that is precisely why this Mother’s Day blog is slightly different to all the others you’ll read this year; we’re not going to ask you to buy a t-shirt for your Mum (obviously, it would be nice if you did buy a t-shirt for your Mum, but that’s not why we’re here!) and we’re not going to give you some suggestions of other things you could buy for your Mum either.

Instead, the three of us from Kidult and Co are telling all of you children, no matter what age you are, to go out this Sunday and do something amazing for your Mum instead. No crappy, half-bashed flowers from the petrol station, no cheap box of Milk Tray from the Spar (not that there’s anything wrong with Milk Tray…in fact, they’re totally yummy) and no poxy 99p bunch of daffodils from Lidl…instead we want to see homemade cards and gifts made with a bit of time and a lot of love.

Yeah, we know, it sounds cheesy, but believe us your Mum will absolutely appreciate it so much more. And of course, when we talk about Mums, we mean every single Mum…the ones who work long hours, the ones who have put up with your Dad for far longer than any rational woman should have, the ones who are both Mum and Dad, the ones who are no longer with us but who you think of every single day, even the ones who are male but are the only Mum you’ve got…they all deserve your love and thanks this Mother’s Day.

And to make sure we practice what we preach, we’ll be leading by example too this Sunday, and showing our own Mums – the fabulous Dawn (Emily’s Mum) and Linda (Melissa and Laura’s Mum) – exactly how much we love and appreciate them. We couldn’t have done even half of what we’ve achieved in the last couple of years without their unwavering support, so we reckon breakfast in bed is the least they deserve.

Last, but not least, if you would like to treat your mum (or dad) or even yourself, use coupon code “HAPPYMOTHERSDAY” at checkout to get 15% off your next order. Valid until 26th March 2017.

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Get In Touch

So come on big kids and small kids of Britain, this weekend we want you to get off your bums and make bacon sandwiches, bake cookies, take your Mum out for lunch, cook a roast dinner…do whatever it takes, but make your Mum something special and unique to show her just how special and unique you believe her to be. Trust us, it’ll be worth it.

And don’t forget that we want to see the effort you’ve put in, so make sure you share your Mother’s Day treats with us on social media by posting your photos telling us what you’ve been up to. We want actual proof that you’ve put the effort in, and we’ll make sure we do that same.

You can upload your photos and messages to our Facebook Page, our Twitter feed or our Instagram.

And don’t forget you can get in touch with us directly if you have any questions about this or anything else we do here at Kidult and Co, via email at, via our social media, or by using the contact form on the website.