Rebelution Collection

Our Rebelution Collection is a play on the words ‘Rebel’ and ‘Revelution’. We wanted to create a range which stands up for what we believe in, to make children’s clothing that breaks the mould. We’ve carved out our own niche, so you’ll find our minimal kids’ clothing immediately recognisable. Designing mainly in monochrome, we specialise in statement t-shirts that are all about reflecting kids’ personalities, regardless of gender.

Our ‘Rebelution’ Collection strikes a cheeky tone which is reflected in each design, it’s to do with kids being free to be themselves, and cheekiness is a big part of this. Gender neutrality is a vital, serious issue, but our kids’ clothes aren’t weighed down by it. Clothes that won’t constrain kids according to their gender have always been our concern here at Kidult and Co. Anything that spreads the message more widely is good news as far as we’re concerned.

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