The Rise of Personalised Clothing for Kids

For a little while now, personalised clothing has slowly been making its way to the forefront of fashion. We see you there, creeping up the trend boards! And of course, as you all know by now, we here at Kidult and Co like to keep up with what’s trendy (though we don’t always feel the need to follow what we see!) and we’ve definitely been watching this one coming for some time.

There are a ton of reasons why this is happening. Being able to add a unique touch to your clothes really helps you to stand out and express your individuality, which is always a great thing! After all, that’s kind of what style’s for, isn’t it? We use clothing to show the world who we are so adding that personalised touch is a no-brainer. Well, to us it is, anyway!

But obviously, this whole personalisation thing totally goes with our ideals here at Kidult and Co., where we love to create clothes that celebrate every individual, regardless of gender, age or anything else that society wants us to obsess about. So, it makes sense that we have a fair few ranges that our customers can make utterly their own.

So now, thanks to Kidult, you really can stand out from the crowd with our personalised, unisex clothing. And, as we knew that our customers would want to know more about this, we’ve got a run-down of all our personalised clothing, just for you. Read on to find out more!

Bandana Bib

Our adorable little bandana bib is perfect for making messy food times fun! With a minimal yet stylish design, this bib is perfect for your little babe and is totally free of the normal baby-clothing-clichés that we’re all bored of. Personalise yours with your little one’s initials and rock the coolest bib in town. And the added bonus is that it also makes it easy to find which one’s yours if things get a little hectic at meal times – which we all know it can! You can choose from four different colours and it’s machine washable too, which will be a relief when your delicious homemade puree manages to get everywhere but inside your little one’s tum. We’ve all been there!

Personalised Bandana Bib | Kidult & Co

Naughty or Nice Bodysuit

Add a little laughter to Christmas with our adorable and cheeky Naughty or Nice bodysuit and let everyone know which list your baby’s on this year! With the chance to add your kid’s name, this bodysuit is fun and funky, which is exactly what you need to brighten those dark winter days. Available in black, grey, navy and white, these beauties are flying off the shelves, so be sure to get yours before they’re gone! They’re perfect as a Christmas treat both for your little babe or as a gift for someone else’s.

Kids Backpack

We all know what an absolute nightmare it is when your kid rocks up home from school without the backpack they definitely had on this morning. (Or shoes; seriously, what do they do with their shoes?!) Cue a stressful treasure hunt trying to find everything again! Well, with our personalised backpack, we make it much harder for your terrors to lose their bag, no matter how forgetful they are. The cool font, minimal style and black and white design all ensure your kid will feel cool carrying this backpack, around too – which will be a relief to you tired mums and dads who really don’t want to be lugging around your kid’s luggage!

Kids Unisex Personalised Kidult & Co Backpack

I Spy T-Shirt

Our ‘I Spy With My Little Eye’ tee is perfect for little gamers who love to have fun! The gender neutral, stylish design and wide range of sizes (it even comes in adult sizes, too) make this the perfect choice for anyone big or small. It’s a great gift idea that you know they’ll love! To make it super special, add their initials to the back slogan, which reads ‘Something beginning with [initial]’. Your kid will definitely be the coolest kid on the playground with this awesome tee!

Dice Birthday T-Shirt

Unlike we grown-ups, when you’re younger, you’re much less frightened to let everyone know how old you are. In fact, kids love to shout about their age! It’s super exciting when you reach that next year and get to say you’re that little bit older, so celebrate their age with pride thanks to our Dice Birthday t-shirt. With a simple and stylish design, you can pick the age of your child and get it printed onto your tee in the format of a dice. Not only is it cute, but your child will love it! Just watch; it’ll soon become their favourite t-shirt!

Dice Birthday T-Shirt | Kidult & Co

Get In Touch

So, if our cool, gender-neutral designs are totally up your street (and why wouldn’t they be?) then be sure to check out our range of clothing. It’s not all personalised, but it is all awesome!

And if you have any questions about our products, need help with anything or would like to learn more about our gender-neutral views, then please ask our team. We don’t bite (well, not usually) and we’re always happy to help!