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Smashing Female Stereotypes for International Women’s Day!

As it’s International Women’s Day on Thursday, we thought we would dust off the old soapbox for a chat about the annual celebration, what we’ve achieved in the past 12 months and how Kidult and Co are absolutely smashing stereotypes that exist for girls (and boys!)

Closing the Gender Gap

International Women’s Day (IWD), celebrated March 8, is a special day to acknowledge the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Nobody knows exactly when IWD began as it’s been around for so long – its roots can be traced back to 1908, when 15,000 women marched through New York demanding voting rights, better pay and shorter working hours. These days it’s a globally acknowledged celebration!

The campaign theme for IWD 2018 is #PressforProgress which basically means let’s all work together to accelerate gender equality.

Many people might be wondering why it’s important to fight for women’s rights these days, but full gender equality has still not been realised. The gender pay gap persists
across the globe and we still don’t have women present in equal numbers in business or politics. Worldwide, women’s education, health and violence towards women is still
worse than that of men.

How Can You Help #PressforProgress?

You don’t have to turn all activist and run to the streets to help further women’s rights, well you can if you want to…but if you are wondering what else you can do there are several ways everyone can help close the gap between genders. The IWD website lists several ways you can help #PressforProgress, here are just a few:

  • question assumptions about women
  • challenge statements that limit women
  • always use inclusive language
  • work to remove barriers to women’s progress
  • buy from retailers who position women in positive ways

Now, as a retailer of unisex clothing, we are particularly interested in the first and last statements! We feel that the entire existence of our brand questions assumptions about women. Kidult and Co question why girls and women, and actually boys too, should be expected to dress in a certain way. The simple answer is, they shouldn’t! Our philosophy is that all clothing is gender free and that clothes don’t make the person (although you will look pretty cool in them!). What matters is personality and character.

For too long, girls and women have been expected to dress in a certain way to express their femininity or signal that they are indeed female. We call for that to stop! Girls don’t have to wear pink or flowers, they can if they want to, but they shouldn’t be judged for not conforming to that stereotype or be considered any less female if they choose not to.

Positioning Women in Positive Ways

So, what does “buy from retailers who position women in positive ways” mean and do we live up to that? Well, we certainly think we do! The call to buy from retailers who position women in good ways means several things to us. It means buying from progressive businesses who present women in non-stereotypical, old fashioned ways. So that means avoiding companies who further the assumption that women must look a certain way and supporting those that encourage women and girls to express themselves however they want. It also means buying from businesses that position women in positive ways because they’re owned and ran by women. Businesses like ours! In case you didn’t know, Kidult
and Co was founded by three women with a purpose; to make children’s clothing that broke the mould.

So why should you buy from women owned businesses and how ill that help #PressforProgress?

We believe it’s important to support women-owned businesses as it helps increase the economic stability of our families and communities; women who own their own businesses can give back to their communities in so many ways, one of which is creating jobs. We also believe that we set an example for young girls and can help shape theway they see themselves as they grow and develop into leaders. We started Kidult and Co when we were young ourselves!

The Last 12 Months of Gender Neutral Kids Clothing

Seen as it is International Women’s Day we’re allowing ourselves to blow our own trumpets just a little bit….

Kidult and Co have achieved so much over the last 12 months that it’s all been a bit of a whirlwind to be honest!

2017 started off great with a feature in Conde Nast Traveller magazine, then in February we headed down to London for the Kids Fashion Runway event, held at the Richmix as part of London Fashion Week. The same week we also hit the front page of our local Rossendale newspaper!

Spring brought us more success as our brand went global when we launched in four different continents, we also bagged a feature in the 70th anniversary edition of House & Garden Magazine.

In September, we moved into Kidult and Co headquarters, at the Prinny Mill Business Centre in Haslingden, Rossendale, which was very exciting to say the least! September also marked our second birthday – a brilliant achievement for three Lancashire lasses, if we don’t say so ourselves!

Autumn brought our biggest and most exciting unisex kids collection yet; the Rebelution Range. an then the year was crowned off with us winning the Creative Business award at the R Awards for the second year running.

Phew! No wonder we’re always tired!

Get in Touch!

Ok, now we’ve talked about ourselves enough we also want to thank the pretty awesome Mums who buy our products and are forward thinking enough to let their kids express themselves! We think all the parents who buy from us are awesome and we hopefully, represent your views and feelings on the need to let our kids be free from gender stereotypes! So Treat yourself today using “GIRLBOSS” at checkout for 20% Off

As always, please feel free to say hi or ask us any questions via our contact page