Summer Holidays

So last week, the three of us finally took our summer break and – miracle of miracles – we’ve come back to blazing sunshine and glorious heat! On the one hand, this prolongs that glorious holiday feeling, but on the other, it leads to us staring wistfully out of the window whilst we’re stuck in work!

However, such wistful staring has also got us thinking about what your kids’ essential summer holiday wardrobe should consist of. We specialise in monochrome kids’ clothing and unisex styles, and it’s all designed to be gentle on young skin.

We think holidays are a special time for everyone, but especially for children. They’re what some of our happiest memories are made of, and the clothes we wear, on the beach or out and about, are a big part of that. So, whilst the fond memories of our own summer break still linger as we watch everyone getting into the full summer groove, here are our top tips and suggestions for what will look great on your kids this holiday season.

Protect and Enjoy

Are you lucky enough to be heading to a sunny destination for your holidays? Exciting, isn’t it? We know that feeling of being somewhere different and that much hotter, where you’re not wondering whether you’ll need a jumper or a brolly. However, sunny destinations bring with them a new set of considerations, mainly around sun protection.

Alongside your clothing, you also need the right kind of sunscreen for your kids – and yourself for that matter. For SPF values, think the stronger the better, and ensure your kids are properly covered at least 30 minutes before going out into the sun.

In addition to diligently-applied sunscreen, getting covered up is also essential. It’s not to do with being a killjoy, but under the sun, young skin can burn very easily and quickly, and UVB rays are apt to do damage.

Our solution is to provide the kind of clothes that your kids shouldn’t mind wearing, at least part of the time, when they’re on the beach, or by the pool. Think of our clothes as your bargaining chip, giving you something extra to bring to the “t-shirts on” discussion, if it comes down to a head-to-head conflict (which it usually does!).

Are We There Yet? | Kidult and Co

No Holiday Blues with Black and White

We don’t much go in for a wide spectrum of colours here at Kidult and Co; in fact, you could say that monochrome is our signature style. But where does that leave you in terms of choice for your kids’ summer holiday clothes? Well we think that monochrome kids’ clothing is not only versatile, but its highly attractive too, in ways that other colours can only dream about.

We’re talking about your kids being instantly identifiable – which also has its benefits on holiday, in crowded areas, or stretches of beach where they might try to wander. And is minimal clothing really such a radical holiday concept? From a fashion and design perspective, it’s practically foolproof. You know that thing about holiday snaps, where you look at what people were wearing and it’s a case of ‘what was I thinking?!’; well you simply won’t get that with our black and white kids’ clothing.

Both black and white have their champions when it comes to sun-resistance. White is said to reflect the sun’s heat, but recently its’ been suggested that black might be just as effective or even more so. Excuse the slightly potted physics, but here’s why; white clothes reflect the heat, but can, in some circumstances, help to heat you up too, by doing this, whereas black clothes, providing they’re as lightweight as their white equivalent, can be just as effective at keeping you cool. This is because black absorbs the body’s energy, as well as the sun’s heat, rather than reflecting it. That’s why, in the right conditions, especially where there’s a light breeze for example, then wearing black can actually help you transfer heat away from you. Cool, eh?! Literally!

Pure Cotton Coolness

The one thing all our kids’ clothes have in common is what they’re made of; pure cotton is the ideal hot-weather fabric. Cotton is breathable, which means that when you get hot, the heat evaporates through the fabric. Particularly if you go anywhere humid on your holiday, cotton really comes into its own.

It’s also a comfortable fabric to travel in – worth bearing in mind when the whole family is setting out to the airport together, because you never know when you might have a longer wait than expected.

And what’s even better is that, for those many kids with sensitive skin, cotton is hypoallergenic, so wearing it won’t aggravate any irritations or, more crucially, sunburn.

It’s also worth noting that you can safely take our t-shirts into the water, whether it’s the sea or the pool, so they provide that extra protection from the sun when your kids are swimming. In short, it’s practically miraculous.

Hats On for Summer

As we all now know, the hat is a summer essential, both as sun protection, and as a devastatingly effective fashion statement. If you don’t believe us, have a look at our hat range here.

Joining the Kidult and Co Cool Kids Club is easy, you just wear the hat! Your kids will find, in the heat, that the hat does quite literally keep them cool and protect their head from the sun, but obviously, that’s not going to be what makes them wear it. No, what they get is a bit of instant fashion kudos, and you get some peace of mind too when they’re in the sun. It’s win win.

Cool Kids Club Snapback | Kidult and Co

The Best of Both Worlds

Are you looking enviously at some of our t-shirt designs and picturing not just your offspring but yourself elegantly clad and ready for action on holiday? Well, you don’t have to worry, because designs like our iconic Beach Bum and Are We There Yet? tees also come in adult sizes too, so there’s no need for you to feel left out.

Go on, don’t be shy, come and join the Cool Kids Club too; you know you want to!

Get In Touch

If you’ve not done so, now is the time to plan your kids’ summer holiday wardrobe, and make sure they’re kitted out in clothing they’ll enjoy wearing and that you’ll feel good about too. If you want to discover more about our practical but fashionable minimal and monochrome kids’ clothing designs, then why not email us at, or fill out the contact form on our website? We promise we’ll get back to you just as soon as we can.