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We Are The Champions!

So last week we had some rather good news that got us all a little bit over-excited; we were announced as the winner of the Creative Business category at the Rossendale Business Awards!

Everyone at the Rossendale Business Awards

Held at the Whitworth Riverside in – surprisingly enough – Whitworth, the event was organised by the Valley at Work networking group and is the highlight of the Rossendale Valley business community’s annual calendar. Apparently, the R Awards – or Rossendale Business Awards – are the biggest and best known awards in the whole area, and there were certainly a lot of great businesses there on the night.

The Nominations

When we found out that we’d been nominated for an R Award, all three of us were absolutely chuffed to bits – it’s such an honour to know that people respect and acknowledge what we do – but there were so many other strong nominations in each category that we were convinced we didn’t stand a chance of winning.

Luckily, we were shortlisted for two awards – Part Time Business and Creative Business – so we had double the opportunity.

The Awards Dinner

The event itself was brilliant and really well attended and organised. With over 200 people there on the night, the hall was full to bursting with loads of well-known local businesses and personalities. After we’d had a couple of drinks and something to eat – the buffet provided was fab – it was time for the awards ceremony itself and, despite there being 17 Awards to present, everything went quite quickly and was far from boring. Luckily!

Part Time Business Award

First up was the award for the best Part Time Business, which we were shortlisted for along with Dawn Rose Contemporary Jewellery and Accessories, Jo Jingles Rossendale, Halifax and Huddersfield, and Small Adventures Photography. The competition in this category was incredibly fierce and unfortunately, this time we didn’t win. Instead, the winner of Rossendale’s best part time business for 2016 was Dawn Rose – a very worthy winner – who was rewarded for her fabulous hard work and gorgeous jewellery and accessories.

Part Time Business Category

Even so though, we did come a very close second in this category, receiving a Highly Commended award from the judges. What with this, and as we were just so grateful for having been nominated and included at all, not to mention the fact that all the other nominees were such worthy opponents, we left the stage feeling thoroughly pleased with ourselves.

Creative Business

Next up was the Creative Business award, which we were shortlisted for along with Rossendale Bespoke Timber, Walking on Glass and Edmondson’s Design Services. To be perfectly honest, we thought we had no chance of winning this award either, as the other 3 businesses shortlisted are all incredibly creative in terms of the things they produce, not to mention much older (in terms of how long they’ve been trading) than us, and so miles more successful than we are!

Grow Traffic Presenting

The award was presented by Rachel and Simon from local digital marketing agency GrowTraffic, who were the award sponsors for the first time this year and so had also been on the judging panel. When she was announcing the winner, Rachel stated that the reason this business had been chosen was because they were creative in all aspects of their business, particularly how they approached and overcame hurdles, and not just in terms of what they produced so, at that point, we were convinced it wasn’t going to be us.

That’s why we were so shocked when Rachel read out our name! Shocked but absolutely thrilled to bits.

Kidult & Co Winners of the Creative Category 2016

The Pap Shots

After the awards were announced, we all had to troop off to have our photos taken with the other nominees and the award
sponsors, in various combinations and trying to look as professional as we could.

Winner & Sponsors

The photos were all taken by the exceptionally talented Liz Henson Photography, who always puts people at their ease when photographing them and who also managed to capture this wonderful shot of us off-guard;

Kidult & Co Laughing

The Valley At Work Award

At the end of the evening though, there was still one last surprise in store for us when it turned out we’d also made the shortlist for the prestigious Valley at Work Award, which is basically the best out of all the businesses nominated in every single category of the evening.

This time, the award was won by the fabulous Flightdeck Experience, but just the fact that we even stood a chance at the big award of the night was so good and felt amazing. The fact that we were actually awarded a Highly Commended in this category was even better though, and all three of us left that evening feeling on top of the world that all our hard work had paid off.

All in all, it was a really great night and we enjoyed ourselves so much – and the fact that we came away with the award for the best Creative Business in the Rossendale Valley for 2016 has left all three of us on cloud 9. We literally didn’t come down for days!

We didn’t make an acceptance speech on the night, but in place of that, all of us at Kidult and Co would like to thank everyone who has helped us get this business off the ground over the last year. We’ve had an absolute blast and have been completely floored by the response we’ve had to the clothing we make, and the fact that we’re all doing something we love means it doesn’t even feel like work half the time.

But getting recognition from our local business community in the shape of awards like this really does make all the difference to us. This is an acknowledgment from our peers that we’re doing a good job, and as 3 young girls not long out of
uni, that feels like a massive achievement to us.

Thanks so much to everyone who has made this possible – thanks to Valley at Work and thanks to GrowTraffic – but most of all, just for this week, we’re dead impressed with ourselves!

Get In Touch

If you’d like to find out more about what Kidult and Co do, or find out more about the R Awards, then please get in touch with us today. You can contact us by email at, via our website, or by giving us a shout on social media; you can find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram